Dear Orienteering Friend,

As you probably know the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2011 will be organized in Hungary, Baranya County with Pécs as Event Centre. The organizers of WMOC2011 are eagerly preparing for the competition and aim to arrange an event providing pleasant recreation for families and friends along with numerous cultural and tourist programmes and services.

The homepage of the event, available at wmoc2011.hu, is constantly improving and since 5 March the online registration system is also in operation. The system was developed especially for this event to provide a comfortable way of booking accommodation, ordering parking and transport, registering for tourist programmes and buying maps, insurance among many other online services. According to the main concept of the system, making entries is only possible by registering as a club, but all the other services are available for individual users as well. We are sorry for the occasional mistakes occurring during the early period of operation, in case of any mistakes or difficulties please contact us at info@wmoc2011.hu.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the European Capital of Culture 2010!

Organizing Team of WMOC2011